Cosmos Local Meet-up (Longmont, Colorado)

7 Aug 2023 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm MDT
Longmont Public Media 457 Fourth Ave, Longmont, CO, 80501

Cosmos Co-op is a creative community and member-owned publishing platform that is committed to supporting visionary artists in all forms of media and bringing forth work that inspires a profound shift in consciousness, culture, and society.

For anyone who lives in the Longmont/Boulder area, or anywhere along the Front Range, you are invited to join Cosmos co-founder Marco V Morelli for a community meet-up to talk about opportunities for creative collaboration on a local level. Writers and poets, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and all types of media producers are welcome.

We’ll be meeting at Longmont Public Media, which is already amazing hub for creative community—however, our focus will be specifically on projects that we can develop under a cooperative umbrella, with the goal of becoming both socially equitable and economically sustainable. This meeting is for you if you’re interested in making great art AND making a living as an artist (or in support of the arts).

We’ll begin with a short meditation, followed by introductions. Marco will present our overall vision and projects so far, then everyone will have an opportunity to take part in an open-ended conversation about how we can advance our projects together.

This will be our second meeting in a series. Our first meeting had 8 participants, and we are open to new attendees. Please feel free to email to get caught up on what we discussed last time. We’ll be building on those same topics, and adding a couple new ones.

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