Cosmovision Weekly

9 May 2019 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm MDT
Virtual week, we merge minds to explore multiple perspectives on the future of Cosmos—the platform, the community, and the planetary movement for cooperation and creative freedom.

This week:

Caroline is mobile and visiting Marco and family on a rainy day in Colorado. Michael Stumpf joins in on his first CosmoVision call and acts as a guiding spirit as Marco and Caroline piece together financial options for this community of practice. Marco waxes hypothetical asking the group “If someone gave Cosmos a big wad of money today, what would we do with it?” In between the bits and verbal currency, other questions arise: how do we wield power artfully? What is a member drive: a request from current members to contribute financially or to invite friends and connections to the Co-op? What do things look like on the other side of (global, political, ecological, personal) crises? Doug listens in with big ears.