Cosmos Café: Fractal Time in Everyday Life

Video Recording and comments available on Infinite Conversations

Members of the Infinite Conversations forum explore consciousness, time, science, culture, and other interrelated topics. One of the key inquiries of this talk has to do with how we live and experience (or “apply”) transtemporal consciousness realizations in everyday life—through civics, parenting, elder care, cultural politics, gender relations, creative work, spiritual practices, etc.

This talk also riffs on themes raised by Michael Garfield’s Future Fossils podcast episode #45with Kerri Welch: “Fractal Synchronicity & the Future of Time,” especially their discussion of correlations between philosopher Jean Gebser’s structures of consciousness (archaic, magic, mythic, mental, integral) and normal cyclical brainwave states experienced by most people everyday (delta, theta, alpha, beta…).

What are the fractal qualities of our dialogue itself? How are we subjects and objects of the same performative research? What do spheres, donuts, klein bottles, and mobius strips have to do with it?

This is talk is presented raw and unedited. Listen at your own risk. You may never experience time the same way again.