Infinite Conversations

Infinite Conversations is our online forum and community space. We use it for general discussions and open-minded dialogue, as well as cooperative coordination and collaboration on creative projects. Members are also able to have private groups and dedicated channels for their own communities.

Cosmos Café

The Cosmos Café is a video-based small-group dialogue series, running since 2016, with associated discussion threads in our forum. These talks explore a variety of topics in philosophy, cosmology, consciousness, science, literature, and art in an open-ended, “mind-jazz” conversational style. Topics are proposed by members, with rotating leadership, and sessions are open to all members. These often include shared reading or other media that is up for discussion, and can include workshop and experiential components.


Metapsychosis Journal

Metapsychosis is an online (and forthcoming print) journal of consciousness, literature, and art, publishing original writing and integral art from the evolving edges of contemporary philosophy, spirituality, storytelling, and poetics. It features authors who blend the visionary with the literary, the surreal with the subtle, engaging the complexity of our human condition with dark lucidity and shocking nuance. The journal is curated and produced by a team of Cosmos members, which is always open to new contributors, and welcomes submissions from members and non-members alike.

Readers Underground

In the Readers Underground, we explore literature together in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere—sharing works we love, (re)discovering writers who amaze us, and becoming more thoughtful, soulful, and daring readers by engaging in the social praxis of deep literary discourse. We aim to read creatively and bring literature to life through artful conversation—combining our diverse insights, questions, observations, and imaginings into experiences of conscious connectivity and singular meaning. See an archive of past groups and find new groups to join here.

Writers Underground

In the Writers Underground, small groups of committed writers go deep into the art and craft of their fiction, poetry, and other literary genres. Self-organized groups meet online or in person, and allow writers to get feedback on projects in development and access a community of support for their process. These groups are private (by invitation from existing participants), and are only open to members who have previously participated in a Readers Underground or other small group within Cosmos.

Untimely Books

Untimely Books is an independent publisher of literary works that illumine the mind, question the contemporary, and reimagine horizons of thought, feeling, and action for a planetary age. As an imprint of Cosmos Co-op (a member-owned publishing platform and creative community) and Metapsychosis (a journal of consciousness, literature, and art), Untimely Books serves as a conduit for diverse forms of writing by Cosmos members, including original works of fiction, poetry, philosophy, essays, and memoir.


Cosmos.Earth is a comprehensive publishing portal for blogging, podcasting, and sharing media content. It offers all Cosmos members a place to showcase their work, broadcast their thoughts and ideas, and build an audience of followers and subscribers, outside of corporate-controlled media silos and walled gardens.

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