Volunteer Opportunity: Help us Promote Upcoming Book Releases

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Photo by RDNE Stock project on Pexels.com

As a relatively new indie publisher, with two books current published and six more set to be released over the second half of this year (with more in the works for next year), we are looking for ways to generate publicity for our books and authors, along with our imprint, Untimely Books, and our cooperative model, which is still pretty unique in the publishing industry.

To that end, we are compiling an internal database of promotional channels that any member-author can use when promoting their work. For example, this will include bookstores, libraries, magazines, podcasts, reviewers, and influencers, with contact information and notes that would be useful when reaching out.

In addition, we need help with outreach to potential readers, fans, and promoters of our work. This could involve sending emails, making phone calls, posting to social media, or visiting your local bookstore. We would provide marketing materials such as sales sheets (for books), brochures (for our imprint), and sample letters or emails that you can customize for your own networks.

Finally, we’d like volunteers to report back on their actions and results, connecting these with the related channels and books, so that we begin building up an information-rich database of what is working and what isn’t. Again, this data would be available to co-op members, so that future authors can uniquely benefit from being members of our co-op.

If you’re interested in becoming a creative member of Cosmos—and even potentially publishing with us in the future—this is a great way to get your foot in the door and build up some equity in the co-op. We will only publish books by members who have already put in service toward other members’ projects and the co-op as a whole. We believe this is one way we can multiply our individual efforts and demonstrate the power of cooperation.

If you would like to learn more and get involved, please fill out the form below as soon as possible. When we have at least five current or prospective members as part of our promotional team, we’ll set up an orientation meeting and provide on-boarding to our database. The team will also meet regularly to coordinate their work, receive feedback, and evolve a set of best practices. We look forward to hearing from you!