About Us

As a member-owned publishing platform and creative community, Cosmos Co-op provides a space for writers, artists, and other creatives to develop, produce, and promote their work in an equitable environment. We focus on building relationships and fostering collaboration within a cooperative framework that amplifies our individual voices and visions while contributing to a greater whole.

The members of Cosmos are poets and philosophers, scientists and mystics, activists and ecologists, visual artists and musicians—people who find themselves at the evolving edges of established fields and modes of thought, or at the uncommon intersections of them—and who are committed to boldly exploring new horizons through their work.

Through workshops and courses, conversations and community events, collective fundraising and publishing opportunities, Cosmos seeks to establish alternative and integral ways for creatives to offer their work, make a sustainable living, and become the best versions of themselves.

Brief History and Current Plans

Cosmos Co-op was founded in 2016 by Marco V Morelli, in dialogue and collaboration with a small group of co-founding members who made their way to the project over the years. Visit our Projects page to learn more specifically what we’ve been up to, and our Members page (coming soon) to see who’s involved.

We are incorporated as an L.C.A. (Limited Cooperative Association) in the state of Colorado, but are open to members from all over the world. We are currently in the process of formalizing our organizational structure, governing policies, and economic framework with the goal of transitioning from an informal and loosely-affiliated group to a more well-funded and wide-reaching creative community.

To become a part of our next phase, join the conversation about Cosmos in our forum and consider becoming a member.