About Us

EarthDream, by Maía

At the heart of Cosmos is a vision of writers, artists, and collaborators working together to build the future we collectively desire. While pursuing our individual projects and creative ideas, we are also committed to supporting each other on the pathways toward that more good, true, and beautiful reality.

The members of Cosmos are poets and philosophers, scientists and mystics, activists and ecologists, visual artists and musicians—people who find themselves at the evolving edges of established fields and modes of thought (or at the uncommon intersections of them), and who continue exploring new horizons through their work. 

The most important qualities we look for in prospective members—besides a passion for creativity and intelligence—include a sense of kindness and compassion, curiosity and open-mindedness, and the ability to tolerate (or better, thrive amidst) ambiguity and the unknown. Our goal is to build a diverse, sustainable community that makes a positive difference in the world.

By organizing cooperatively, we harness the power of community to help us become better writers and artists—whose work benefits from a supportive social context and an ethical economic paradigm—as we strive to develop ourselves and contribute our unique value to the whole.