Cosmos Café [4/30] – Free Progress Education

30 Apr 2019 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm MDT


Recorded 30 April 2019

In Attendance:
Ed Mahood
Marco Masi
Michael Stumpf
Mark Jabbour
Douglas Duff

Building upon the introduction to Free Progress Education (FPE) recorded on 26 April 2019, Marco Masi elucidates the need to create alternatives in education to allow students and teachers to express their potentiality. Those present bring alternate strands into the conversation, depicting personal resistance to learning in standard environments; applying teaching skills to parenting and parenting skills to teaching; inquiring about motivation and passion and the right balance (in classroom size; independence and mentorship; etc.)

The participants also reach into the core contemporary issues of education. Ed states that at some point we traded in our society for an economy, which has had profound effects on the school system. With capitalism at the core of the educational business, the changes proposed by Marco and others are a great challenge to implement. The unsustainable drivers of the current system(s) will have to change and visions of change that seek to find the common core will need more ears. Thank you for listening!

About Marco Masi

Born in 1965 in Italy, attended the German School of Milan, graduated in physics at the University of Padua, and later obtained a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Trento. He combined his experience as a postdoc researcher in universities in Italy, France, and Germany with that of being a tutor in several universities and lately as a high school teacher. This allowed him to develop pedagogical skills in conveying complex topics to an audience of non-experts. Marco is also interested in philosophical ruminations and love walking in the woods and Nature.