Ingrid Ann Thompson

Who is Ingrid?

A Project Manager, Writer, and Educator with 25+ years of professional experience in various industries in the nonprofit and corporate sectors such as insurance compliance, library science, law, and higher education. I am highly organized with a particular focus on problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, flexibility, and adaptability which have served me well across the multi-generational teams with whom I have collaborated over the years. I also leverage these skills to facilitate efficient workflows leading to high-quality deliverables for clients. My passions include travel, project management with a focus on innovation, arts, and culture, as well as community engagement, which I feel brings a unique focus to my professional work and enhances my ability to work in creative and collaborative environments with people from different cultures.

I recently met Cosmos Co-founder, Marco V Morelli, serendipitously at a CommunityBridge Town Hall meeting facilitated by Micky Metts. I was inspired to become involved with Cosmos Cooperative after hearing both Marco’s personal story, the authenticity of his intention for Cosmos and his sincere commitment to the artists and members who engage with this organization.

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