Making the Move from It to We: A Manifesto for Open Participatory Organizations – Part 1

How can organizations support our authentic and meaningful engagement in work we actually care about? How can we value openness, participation, reputation, legitimacy, connectivity, and abundance in the way we work together? How can we can organize in ways that liberate rather than stifle our creative spirit?

Social philosopher Bonnitta Roy thinks we need a new kind of organization to meet these challenges. She calls it the Open Participatory Organization. And her Manifesto is the point of departure for this conversation—an example of the kind of work Bonnitta does in real time with people and organizations around the world.

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The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge


Open participation, Agile methodology, new economy, organizational development, organizational design, p2p (peer to peer), collective intelligence, distributed intelligence, distributed agency, abundance, Holacracy, CRiSP (Continually Recalibrating Its Starting Position), social technology, naming not claiming


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