Stealing Flow: Using Audio Brainwave Technology for Writing and Art, with Douglas Prater

Douglas Prater is an author, musician, media engineer, and designer of audio tracks that offer support for meditation, flow states, and personal development. In this episode, we discuss how audio brainwave entrainment technology can be used to cultivate consciousness, creativity, and mental health, especially when used in the context of a holistic or integral practice.

We specifically discuss Doug’s latest creation, Stealing Flow*, a suite of tracks designed to support the creative cycle by inducing phase-appropriate flow states. The conversation includes an overview of the major brainwave states and their correlates in inner experience, and how Stealing Flow works with these states.

Doug and Marco share notes on how they’ve personally used meditation and brainwave tech as part of their creative process, and Doug talks about his recent sci-fi and romance writing, as well as his upcoming book about Harry Potter and Buddhism!

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