You Are Any Body: A Response to Secularizing Buddhist Ethics, with Caroline Savery – Part 2

In Part 2 of their talk, Caroline and Marco continue exploring the relation between meditation and the body. Can meditation help transmute the karma that comes with the development of abstract thinking and the rise of civilization as such? Caroline argues that the expansion of the notion of the individual I, which may have once conferred advantage, is now massively maladaptive on a planetary scale. The two also discuss art and artists and how a sensitivity to raw experience is needed to hear the voices drowned out by our hyper-development. How might we enter into a more indigenous relationship with the Earth? Caroline proposes that sustainability is a crisis of how we organize concepts and project them onto the world, and that a more conceptually elegant and empathetic orientation, which can be cultivated through Buddhist practice, is essential to restoring health and clarity.

See Part 1 for more background on this episode: