You Are Any Body: A Response to Secularizing Buddhist Ethics, with Caroline Savery – Part 1

In this episode, Marco and Caroline formulate their responses to the Buddhist Geeks podcast episode “Secularizing Buddhist Ethics” with Vincent Horn and Stephen Batchelor. Caroline explains how her understanding of the ways consciousness materially evolves in complex systems—via Douglas Hofstadter of Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid and Maturana/Varela’s Santiago School Theory of Cognition—intersects profoundly with her understanding of Buddhism. Caroline has been practicing and studying Buddhism since having a discrete transcendental experience in 2010. In this lively “inter-view,” Marco and Caroline explore the notion of treating any and every body as though they are you; the problematic aspects of the “you are not your body” teaching in Eastern mystic tradition; and the potential for realizing “heaven on Earth” through particular actionable frameworks of relating to one another.

Part 2:

Here is the original Buddhist Geeks episode Caroline and Marco are responding to:

Caroline also references her film project, The Sust-Enable Meta-mentary (2014).

Episode music by Chris Zabriskie. (CC) BY 4.0.