This Year in Cosmos (2024)

Planetary Nebula NGC 6302, courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center [CC BY-NC 2.0]

Our first newsletter of the year went out last week. In case you missed it, here is an adapted version of the email:

Greetings! Thanks for receiving the Cosmos Co-op newsletter. This is our first email of the year, and a big year it’s shaping up to be. We’ll focus here on what we aim to accomplish together, as a creative community that is dedicated to building a meaningful alternative to the global system of extractive economics, with its culture of fear, greed, and violence that we see in the news and experience every day.

The vision of Cosmos is one wherein diverse people of good faith can work together to cultivate their consciousness, creativity, and capacity for cooperation, within an equitable framework designed to support as many as possible in meeting our basic as well as social, cultural, and spiritual needs. That’s a tall order, indubitably, and we’re still only at the beginning of our journey—but it appears the world itself is calling for integral action; our times are desperate for compassionate collaboration on a massive scale. How authentically will we respond to the call? What fresh thinking, clear vision, and creative mojo can we bring to the challenge of world-crisis?

Let’s find out. This year, Cosmos is embarking on an ambitious path of metamorphosis and emergence. The butterfly has taken shape out of the caterpillar’s imaginal goo and is now breaking out of its cocoon. Whether you wish to become involved as a Worker, Creative, or Sustaining Member, or simply stay connected as an informal member of our community, we invite you to join Cosmos and participate in our one of our upcoming events. Please also consider providing financial support for the Co-op by contributing to our Cosmic Catalyst (seed funding) and/or Sustaining Membership (ongoing funding) campaigns.

You are invited to join the conversation and ask any questions you might have (from the philosophical to the practical) in one of our upcoming events.

Stellar tidings,

Marco V Morelli
Co-Creator, Cosmos Co-op

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